14 Tips to Increase Your Likability Factor By Friday


i_like_you-t2It is a proven fact that people like doing business with people they like.

People like to hang out with people they like.

So how can we improve our likability factor by Friday?

We can increase our likability by:

Being authentic

Finding something in common

Using humor

Being vulnerable

Showing humanity

Being courteous

Showing humility

Don’t gossip

Being relatable

Being compassionate

Choosing to be patient

Giving freely

Willing to listen

Putting others at ease

This is just a quick list of things to start you on your way to being more likable.

Do you have a tip to share?

Do you have a great experience to share on how being likable lead to more revenue in your business.




  1. 1

    Showing genuine interest in what matters to someone else serves well to build likability.

    • 2

      Thanks for dropping by Kim!!! I love your added tip and totally agree that showing genuine interest in what matters to others makes us more likable.

  2. 3

    Denise, I enjoy reading the information on your site! Thanks. Brenda

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