4 Pillars to the Traditions of Excellence



Have you ever wondered how or why Disney is as successful as it is? All Disney employees are introduced to the company through orientation called “Traditions” where they learn four simple guidelines:

  1. Safety
  2. Courtesy
  3. Show
  4. Efficiency

These “FOUR PILLARS” are how Disney employees are taught to make their decisions; and if you ask, they will be able to list – in order – these Pillars and tell you what they mean. It is easy enough! And a great approach to business.

  1. Safety – practice safe behaviors, put safety FIRST, speak up to ensure safety

Safety should ALWAYS be first when you are dealing with customers AND with employees.

  1. Courtesy – project positive energy/image, be courteous and respectful to guests, go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

  1. Show – stay in character/perform role, ensure your area is show-ready

This sounds very specific to theme parks, but we can apply this ANYWHERE. Take care of your work space and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing at all times. Never let your environment – emotions, distractions, etc. – affect how you do your job.

  1. Efficiency – perform role efficiently, use time/resources wisely

This is similar to “show” in that we want to make sure we are doing our jobs no matter what. However, this mentions that we should also be doing our jobs well and in a timely manner.

So there you have it. The keys to owning a multi-million dollar company that owns other multi-million dollar companies* (*results may vary). In all seriousness, though, practicing Disney’s Four Pillars approach can improve your business and help you make and keep better customers.


Guest Post by Raine Templeton-Bradley

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Raine is from Greenwood, SC and is entering her senior year at Clemson University where she is majoring in Travel and Tourism in the department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. Raine will graduate in August of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism and with minors in both Business and English. She is a deacon and worship leader at her church in Clemson and a leader in her housechurch. Raine has had intern experiences in nonprofits, development corporations, retirement homes, and retail. With an entrepreneurial mother that owns her own corporation, Raine has seen first-hand what it takes for someone to own and run a successful business, through the thick and thin. With the aspiration of becoming a travel writer and a love of helping others, Raine is excited to blog with and for her life-long friend Denise and is looking forward to hearing what Denise’s clients have to say!

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