5 Ideas to Celebrating Christmas Differently



Thanksgiving is done and all the shoppers are out enjoying all the deals on Black Friday.

I enjoy sleep and a warm bed, so I am not a get up in the middle of the night “Black Friday” deal stalker.

I do enjoy being in the mix with happy shoppers, however, most people without sleep hyped up on caffeine are not fun people to be around in the middle of the night.

I do think about what Christmas could be like without all  the consumerism and endless marketing tactics.

Could we really move the focus off the gifts and to the celebration of a Savior who came to save the world?

Don’t get me wrong… I love gifts. Journals. Colored pens. Fun Mugs. Linens. Picture Frames. Anything with Red Birds on it.

But what if we could approach Christmas differently.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Give the gift of time.  Coupons for Babysitting, Dinner together, a service you are good at, etc.  Instead of standing in long lines buying something that no one needs, give a  gift of yourself to someone you love.  It means more and time is something worth more than money.
  2. Christmas Experience.  Sharing the Christmas spirit through Christmas caroling, looking at Christmas lights, drive thru nativity, building a snowman or making a snow angel, etc.  If someone in your family plays and instrument, dress up and share music with your community or in a coffee house.
  3. Gift of yourself.  Who do you know who needs some HOPE this year?  Volunteering in the community or giving our time to those less fortunate. Soup Kitchen. Children’s Home. Hopeless Shelter. People fighting for Soberity.  Collecting food for a food bank. Especially remember the teenagers or young adults in your community since they are often overlooked. Make a Christmas outing for a family or friends of helping others.  The feeling afterwards or the gift you receive afterwards is truly priceless. ( and maybe it will last beyond December)
  4. Gift of Health.  This one is often difficult for me.  I intend to make healthier choices but often get carried away with all the sweets. Christmas time is busy and it is easy to skip exercise, overeat, and make poor choices related to our health.   We can choose to drink more water, park further away from store entrances to get more steps in, or skipping that extra glass of alcohol. When you and I take care of ourselves, we tell our families and friends that they matter to us.
  5. Give creativity. Maybe it is cookies and treats packaged in an attractive way. Making ornaments. It really is the thought behind the gift that matters. I love this…https://www.babygizmo.com/cinnamon-christmas-ornaments

Do you have some ideas to share?

How would you celebrate Christmas differently this year?

Can not wait to hear your ideas.


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