66 day adjustmentIs your TO-DO list too long?

Do you feel like you are busy busy busy and not really accomplishing anything?

Do you wish you could see ONE thing that you have accomplished at the end of your week?

The 66 day adjustment is a customized solution for YOU!!!    It is a hybrid of different tools and services to help successful business owners like you up-level as YOU serve your customers well.

Our 66 Day Adjustment is a group coaching option designed to be a affordable solution for you to set ONE goal that will really help move your business forward.  By focusing on this one goal…This is a great option for business owners who desire to:

– create an ideal schedule

– focus time and energy on creating a REALISTIC plan and seeing it through completely

– put systems in place that will serve your clients well

– find a way to create some life/work balance

– be held accountable to their plan and encouraged along the way

The 66 Day Adjustment is not focused on what you NEED to do, but driven by what you WANT to do for you and your business.

Let us help you make the neccessary adjustments that will increase your referrals, revenue and retention of the clients you love.

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$66 for 66 days