7 Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service

sevenHow would you like to follow 7 simple strategies for exceptional customer service. These strategies were created by Shep Hyken and are discussed in almost every book he writes about customer service.

I want to share these quick strategies with you so you can see how they fit in your business.

  1. Walking the Walk – What would happen if every person in your organization lived and breathed your vision. What if each person saw it as his or her personal responsibility to deliver amazing customer experience?
  2. Community –   What if we treated the people we serve like valued members of our organization instead of customers?
  3. Fun – What if our employees enjoyed the work they got to do each day? What if they felt a sense of fulfillment that made them loyal to us and our customers?
  4. Membership – What is we could create an environment of loyal customers who brag about us to everyone they know?
  5. Partnership – What would happen if our customers thought of us as their partners in business instead of just another vendor?
  6. The Experience After the Sale – What if we could create a memorable and positive experience after someone did business with us?
  7. Hiring – What if we could create and implement an innovative process for hiring the right people to carry out our customer service mission?

These are a lot of questions to ponder.

These questions are so very important to the success of your business and my business. These questions can help any business that wants to serve people well.

How would you implement these 7 strategies for exceptional customer service if it were up to you and your team?

My suggestion is to:

  • do a reality check and see where you are
  • decide to pick just one to start with
  • brainstorm ideas on ways to implement
  • create a 90 day plan to put it into action
  • see what the return on that investment is at the end of 90 days
  • document ways to improve
  • continue to implement the same strategy  or pick another strategy to work on

I would love your feedback.

What strategy would you pick first?

What strategy do you think your customers would want you to pick first?


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