A is for Leadership


What does leadership look like to you and your organization?

For most small business owners, it is taking care of what has to be done.  Where all the responsibility STOPS.

Leadership is not a to-do list.

Leadership is not barking orders to staff or volunteers.

Leadership is not attempting to rule over or control others.

Leadership is …

  • Guiding
  • Honesty
  • motivating
  • directing
  • inspiring
  • casting vision
  • managing
  • encouraging
  • influencing
  • serving

The kind of leadership we are talking about is the good leadership that leads a particular group of people  ( who are willing to follow ) to a chosen goal.

As we visit the idea of leadership, I would like for us to focus on the A’s of leadership.

Here is a short list of attributes of leadership that start with an A.  We will call it our A-TEAM.

I would like to challenge you to pick ONE and focus on that ONE word for this week and see how you can cultivate that leadership principal into your life this week.










This is a short list to help us make sure we are leading well.

What word will you choose?

Do you need to check your attitude?

Is it time to applaud the work of others in a tangible way?

How can we practice being more approachable this week?

I would love to hear your thoughts.




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