Another reason to celebrate JULY

If you hang around here for any length of time, you will know I love celebrating.
I am not just talking about birthdays, anniversaries or major milestones.
I believe in celebrating the BIG stuff like:
cooking dinner when I don’t feel like it
not harming teenagers
cleaning up the kitchen again
going to the gym when I would rather have chocolate ice cream
eating chocolate ice cream because I went to the gym
I am sure by now you get the point.
I believe in celebrating because I am worth celebrating and YOU are worth celebrating.
Looking for some reasons to celebrate in July.
Check these out.
July 01
Canada Day 2015 – Independence day of Canada
International Joke Day 2015 – People take time to make jokes which makes us laugh, entertained, fun and happy

July 02

World Sports Journalists Day 2015 – Encourage and support Journalist ‚urges members of sporting media to strive for excellence in their work
World UFO Day 2015 – Acknowledge the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects

July 03

National Chocolate Wafer Day 2015 – Eat chocolate wafers

July 04

4th of July 2015 – Independence day of America ‚the day signifies independence from Great Britain

July 05

National Apple Turnover Day 2015 – Enjoy the tasty Apple turnover
Caribbean Day 2015 – Annual celebration ‚the day triggers a positive force of international fraternity among the Caribbean people
July 06

Kissing Day 2015 – Let people know the enjoyable experience of kissing

July 07

International Day of Cooperatives 2015 – Increase awareness on co-operativeness and to resolve global issues
Chocolate Day 2015Celebrate and treat with Chocolates
National Macaroni Day 2015 – Eat delicious Macaroni

July 11

World Population Day 2015 – Create awareness on Population issues and to create a better World
National Blueberry Muffin Day 2015 – Eat Blueberry Muffin

July 12

Barn Day 2015 – Action in which barn is built or re-built

July 14

Bastille Day 2015 – Day of celebration of french culture .Singing ‚dancing ‚Military parades, Performances were held on this day

July 17

World Nature Day 2015 – Raise awareness to protect Nature and earth
Yellow Pig Day 2015Dedicated to two mathematicians‚ Michael Spivak and David CNational Eat Your Vegetables Day – Encourage to eat more Vegetables and to promote Healthy diet
Eid Ul-Fitr 2015 – Celebrated at the end of Ramadin for 3 days ‚it denotes end of fasting month

July 18

National Caviar Day 2015 – Eggs of Sturgeon fish which is healthy
My 16th Wedding Anniversary

July 19

National Daiquiri Day 2015 – A rum based cocktail drink

July 20

World Jump Day 2015 – Started on July 20‚2006 when 600 Million people jumped smilultaneously
National Lollipop Day 2015 – Appreciate the taste and fun of eating Lollipops

July 22

National Penuche Day 2015 – Prepare and eat Penuche

July 24

Pioneer Day 2015 – Remember the entry of Brigham Young and first group of Mormon pioneers into Utahs salt lake valley
National Tequila Day 2015 – Famous Alcoholic beverage
Amelia Earhart Day 2015 – The day Honors Amelia Earhart and celebrates her birth who is the First female avigator to fly solo crossing the pacific

July 26

Parents Day 2015 – Thank Parents for their unconditional Love and their important role in Childrens Life

July 27

Antigua Carnival 2015 – Ten day event of Music and Dance. Two purposes for Celebrations are freedom from slavery and other is tourist attraction
Bagpipe Appreciation Day 2015 – Appreciate ancient Musical device ‚the Highlands Scottish Bagpipe

July 28

World Nature Conservation Day 2015 – Protect our Nature and raise awareness on conservation for the well being of present and future generations
World Hepatitis Day 2015 – Raise awareness on Hepatitis and improve prevention‚ diagnosis and treatment.

July 29

National Lasagna Day 2015 – Popular dish Lasagna
Ohio State Fair 2015 – Traditional fair held in Columbus ‚which is one of the largest state fairs in the USA.

July 30

National Cheesecake Day 2015 – Popular and Delicious Dessert

July 31

Archaeology Day 2015 – Celebration of Archaeology and fun in discovery
Do you have a day in July to share that we can celebrate with you?
Would you like to submit a day to add to the National Directory of Holidays?
Would love to hear how you share your celebrations in July.

We Love to Hear From You