Are you carrying too much baggage?


Have you ever seen a traveler in the airport with too many suitcases?

Have you ever watched a group of ladies get out of a cab with all their belongings as they proceed to walk into a hotel?

Have you every seen a college freshman move into a dorm for the first time?

It is often comical…if it is not us.

What about you?

Are you carrying too much baggage?

I am not talking about physical baggage at this time. ( although our purses can get quite heavy)  I am talking about other baggage that may weigh us down.

What might that be?






Constant Comparison to Others

Poor Attitude


Negative Self Talk

Low self esteem

Yesterday’s baggage becomes tomorrow’s worries, imprisoning our minds and hearts today.

Today… right now is the best time… the only time to change our attitude and take the first step toward freedom from the cage we have created with walls from the list above.

It is time to check those bags and see what we are carrying with us from yesterday and what we want to carry with us today.

What are you carrying with you today?

What do you need to let go of so you can walk a little lighter?

Can not wait to hear from you.

We Love to Hear From You