Is it time to BE a Leader?

Leadership is not a name tag we put on or take off whenever we like.

Leadership is not a position we someday achieve.

Leadership is about actively creating positive change.  Leadership is when we intentionally align our own core values with the vision of others.  Leadership is communicated verbally and non-verbally.  Leadership is inclusive of others and empowers others to rise up to be leaders as well.

Some “B” qualities for leadership are:

Boldness in making decisions

Behavior that is appropriate and positive

Being Brave

Boundaries Setting

Belong: Creating a Culture of Belonging

Balancing Time, Work and Life

Building relationships

If you had to pick one “B” Phrase to Build on, which one would you pick?

Leadership is about setting boundaries and building better relationships.  Leadership is about making bold decisions when needed and standing behind those choices.  Leadership requires bravery and balance our schedules effectively.

Do you have another Leadership quality that begins with ‘B” that you would like to share?

Be a great leader today!!

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