What Is Inside of You?


What is inside of you? What a strange question…right? Not really. These are the type of questions Dr Wayne Dyer would ask all the time when he spoke, faciliatated, lead, and wrote his many books. I was sad to hear of his recent death from his family this week. He left quite a legacy of {Read More…}

Do You Tell the TRUTH?


Do you tell the TRUTH? I have been in a season of “STUCKNESS”.  I know that is probably not the right word to use or correct use of the word ( because it has the red squiggly line under it) however it is what I am mean. STUCKNESS Denise’s definition of STUCKNESS is to be {Read More…}

4 Pillars to the Traditions of Excellence


  Have you ever wondered how or why Disney is as successful as it is? All Disney employees are introduced to the company through orientation called “Traditions” where they learn four simple guidelines: Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency These “FOUR PILLARS” are how Disney employees are taught to make their decisions; and if you ask, they {Read More…}



Is it time to BE a Leader? Leadership is not a name tag we put on or take off whenever we like. Leadership is not a position we someday achieve. Leadership is about actively creating positive change.  Leadership is when we intentionally align our own core values with the vision of others.  Leadership is communicated {Read More…}

Expectations, Traditions and the Seven Dwarfs

seven dwarfs

  The Seven Dwarfs. In my studies, I have learned a LOT about Disney. So every now and then I will go on a Disney-streak where I will write a LOT about Disney! We have been talking about service a lot because I believe that good service is the only way to build relationships with {Read More…}

A is for Leadership


What does leadership look like to you and your organization? For most small business owners, it is taking care of what has to be done.  Where all the responsibility STOPS. Leadership is not a to-do list. Leadership is not barking orders to staff or volunteers. Leadership is not attempting to rule over or control others. {Read More…}

No Soup For You and Your Ideal Customer

DSCF6688 (1)

No Soup for You! In July of 1989 a new sitcom premiered on NBC that changed the precedent for television sitcoms. Of course I mean Seinfeld – affectionately referred to as “the show about nothing.” What does this have to do with your business? If you were a Seinfeld loyal, think back to one of {Read More…}

Another reason to celebrate JULY


If you hang around here for any length of time, you will know I love celebrating. I am not just talking about birthdays, anniversaries or major milestones. I believe in celebrating the BIG stuff like: cooking dinner when I don’t feel like it not harming teenagers cleaning up the kitchen again going to the gym {Read More…}

Mid-Year Check-in

check up 3

It’s time to do a mid-year to check-in! How are things going? Have you met your goals this year? As a business owner, it is a great time for a check up.  It is time to look at your goals.  Acknowledge wins and adjust efforts to goals not reached yet. What are your areas of {Read More…}

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Do you have the disease of SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA? What is the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” disease? These words are the shorten and southern replacement for ” Should have”, “Could have”, and “Would have.” This is the disease that creeps into your thinking and often your to-do list with things like… ” I shoulda made that {Read More…}