Ever feel like you are not ENOUGH?

little girl

  Have you ever felt like you are not enough? I sure have. Sometimes even daily. Facing hard situations or unknown circumstances often make me feel like I am not enough. I recently watched Holly Furtick speak about being a girl.  Just a girl. Here it is, take a moment to watch it. Loved her {Read More…}

I will trust in you


  I will trust in you. Have you heard Lauren Daigle’s song, I will trust in you yet? Listen… This song has been my anthem in my time with Jesus lately. Trust is so hard for me. Bet it is for you too. Hurt keeps us from trusting. Unknown. Pain hinders our ability to trust. {Read More…}

Christians are not immune from Conflict

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Christians are not immune from conflict, but oh how I wish we were. If we are in relationships with other people, you and I will have conflict. The good news is there is a good way to handle conflict. The bad news is most people do not handle it well. The Bible says in Matthew 5:24 {Read More…}

Listen Up – 8 Tips for Active Listening


  Listen up… ( well you are actually reading ) If you have followed me on social media, read my blogs, or heard me speak, you know that I am a HUGE advocate of active listening. Seriously. Listening is so important in our relationships. All of our relationships.  Personal relationships. Family relationships. Business relationships. I {Read More…}

Proverbs and Peace


Sitting in a small Southern Baptist Church many years ago, I was told I should read the Bible everyday. I understood the “should” but had no idea where to start. So, I started at the beginning.  You know… Genesis. Reading through the story of creation was interesting, but by the time I got to all the {Read More…}

Do you have COIN?


  Do you have coin? I know that sounds like a strange question. I was reading this morning in one of my favorite devotional books, Jesus Calling Morning and Evening by Sarah Young, when I received a leap in my spirit. Sarah writes: “Every time you affirm your trust in Me,  you put a coin {Read More…}

Networking, Stuffed Animals, and Legos


It is no secret that I love people. So, I love being in the crowd and really enjoy meeting new people. When I attend conferences, I feel like I have hundreds of friends I have not met. ( Yep… I am an extrovert.) I truly feel like I am about to meet someone who may {Read More…}

What Is Inside of You?


What is inside of you? What a strange question…right? Not really. These are the type of questions Dr Wayne Dyer would ask all the time when he spoke, faciliatated, lead, and wrote his many books. I was sad to hear of his recent death from his family this week. He left quite a legacy of {Read More…}

Do You Tell the TRUTH?


Do you tell the TRUTH? I have been in a season of “STUCKNESS”.  I know that is probably not the right word to use or correct use of the word ( because it has the red squiggly line under it) however it is what I am mean. STUCKNESS Denise’s definition of STUCKNESS is to be {Read More…}



Is it time to BE a Leader? Leadership is not a name tag we put on or take off whenever we like. Leadership is not a position we someday achieve. Leadership is about actively creating positive change.  Leadership is when we intentionally align our own core values with the vision of others.  Leadership is communicated {Read More…}