I will trust in you


  I will trust in you. Have you heard Lauren Daigle’s song, I will trust in you yet? Listen… This song has been my anthem in my time with Jesus lately. Trust is so hard for me. Bet it is for you too. Hurt keeps us from trusting. Unknown. Pain hinders our ability to trust. {Read More…}

Christians are not immune from Conflict

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Christians are not immune from conflict, but oh how I wish we were. If we are in relationships with other people, you and I will have conflict. The good news is there is a good way to handle conflict. The bad news is most people do not handle it well. The Bible says in Matthew 5:24 {Read More…}


half year

Can you believe that half of our year has been spent? Do you celebrate half birthdays? This half year or half birthday concept is recognized and celebrated by my daughter every year.  She believes in celebrating her birthday and her half birthday.  Her half birthday happens to fall on March 17th.  In the United States, we celebrate {Read More…}

Listen Up – 8 Tips for Active Listening


  Listen up… ( well you are actually reading ) If you have followed me on social media, read my blogs, or heard me speak, you know that I am a HUGE advocate of active listening. Seriously. Listening is so important in our relationships. All of our relationships.  Personal relationships. Family relationships. Business relationships. I {Read More…}

Networking, Stuffed Animals, and Legos


It is no secret that I love people. So, I love being in the crowd and really enjoy meeting new people. When I attend conferences, I feel like I have hundreds of friends I have not met. ( Yep… I am an extrovert.) I truly feel like I am about to meet someone who may {Read More…}

What Is Inside of You?


What is inside of you? What a strange question…right? Not really. These are the type of questions Dr Wayne Dyer would ask all the time when he spoke, faciliatated, lead, and wrote his many books. I was sad to hear of his recent death from his family this week. He left quite a legacy of {Read More…}

Do You Tell the TRUTH?


Do you tell the TRUTH? I have been in a season of “STUCKNESS”.  I know that is probably not the right word to use or correct use of the word ( because it has the red squiggly line under it) however it is what I am mean. STUCKNESS Denise’s definition of STUCKNESS is to be {Read More…}

4 Pillars to the Traditions of Excellence


  Have you ever wondered how or why Disney is as successful as it is? All Disney employees are introduced to the company through orientation called “Traditions” where they learn four simple guidelines: Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency These “FOUR PILLARS” are how Disney employees are taught to make their decisions; and if you ask, they {Read More…}

Boundaries in Life and in Business


  Boundaries….Boundaries… Boundaries. What is all this talk about BOUNDARIES? A boundary is defined as something that indicates bounds or limits.  Boundary is also defined as a limiting or  bounding line. There are physical boundaries.  Physical boundaries that are seen and felt. There are also emotional boundaries. These boundaries are not always seen but can be felt. Boundaries affect {Read More…}

Expectations, Traditions and the Seven Dwarfs

seven dwarfs

  The Seven Dwarfs. In my studies, I have learned a LOT about Disney. So every now and then I will go on a Disney-streak where I will write a LOT about Disney! We have been talking about service a lot because I believe that good service is the only way to build relationships with {Read More…}