HELP!! I am a Vendor at an event.

vendors wanted

Oh MY!!! What have I done? That is what I hear from most people who have just signed up to do a Vendor or Craft Fair. They thought it was a good idea until it came time to do it. Most vendor or craft fairs charge a fee to participate. Some participation fees are free {Read More…}



What a fun number!!! What does it mean? Is it how many baths I took this year? How many french fries I ate? Is it the number of times I told my three kids to brush their teeth? Is that the amount of my property taxes last year? How much money is in my bank {Read More…}

Come on….Give me a break!!!


Come on….give me a break!! (bet you are wondering what in the world I am talking about) I was in a gym recently with one of my clients helping her think through some marketing challenges with her supporting business that serves the fitness community.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet the {Read More…}

Are there issues in your VISION


Vision is that thought or idea that guides your life and my life. What does vision do? Our vision captures passion and give us direction. It will help set priorities. Our vision helps us know where to invest our resources and helps determine our goals. I was listening to Steven Furtick recently and he was talking about the {Read More…}

Share Your Customer Service Tips- Tip Tuesday

tip tuesday

Welcome to customer service TIP TUESDAY!! This blog is dedicated to sharing TIPS with you about all things related to customer service. As a special treat I want you to share your TIP with me that you would think improve the way businesses care for their customers. What customer service tips do you have up {Read More…}

17 Tips on Effective Communication

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We send, receive and process numerous messages every day. Effective communication helps us better understand each other in the workplace. Effective communication helps us understand situations with our family and friends. Effective communication helps us build trust and resolve conflict within the teams of people we serve with everyday. Unfortunately our best attempts at communicating {Read More…}

Service + Confidence = Customer Trust

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What does confidence have to do with Customer Service? I was recently working with a client who was passionate about her product and service she provided in her business. She knew all the ends and outs of her product and was proud of the service she provided to her customers. The problem was starting or {Read More…}

Building Confidence Today


How do we build confidence when we are awkwardly aware of our lack of confidence? Our solution is not found in making ourselves less awkward, but taking stock of what we want instead. Answering the question …” I want _________.” That blank could be: chocolate ice cream new curtains a new car fun shoes sleep {Read More…}

Top 20 Customer Service Skills that Matter


What are the skills that matter when it comes to customer service? There are certain skills that every employee, business owner, volunteer must master if they want to serve their organization well. In talking with small business owners, they will usually say they are looking for someone to fill a position who is a “people {Read More…}

Happy Customer Service Week!!!

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Happy Customer Service Week!!!     What are you doing to celebrate? Throwing a party for your clients?  Appreciating your employees?  Inviting new people into your business? Go ahead and share how you are celebrating this week!!!! Can not wait to read your fun ideas.