Share Your Customer Service Tips- Tip Tuesday

tip tuesday

Welcome to customer service TIP TUESDAY!! This blog is dedicated to sharing TIPS with you about all things related to customer service. As a special treat I want you to share your TIP with me that you would think improve the way businesses care for their customers. What customer service tips do you have up {Read More…}

How do you maintain customer service on a bad day


How do you maintain customer service on a bad day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this music video “East To West” by Casting Crowns. Watch this… How far is from east to west? ? It is pretty far! I appreciate that visual as I look in the mirror. When the person I see {Read More…}

How to apologize using your customer service skills


Have you ever had an  “Oops”, “My Bad” experience where you heard a business apologize? I am sure you have. How did they apologize using their customer service skills? Sometimes our experiences are not good because of poor service. Sometimes our experiences are not good because of product quality. Sometimes our experiences are not good because {Read More…}

Judging people


            Who has the permission to pass judgement on other people? May I share a quick story with you? A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted… “Dad, look the trees are going behind!” Dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 {Read More…}


tip tuesday

Its Tip Tuesday. I want to share a tip with you today. This is not a tool tip or a technology tip, but a people tip. TIP:  Honor the time of people you value. I recently reached out to someone who told me they wanted to speak with me. We connected and started talking.  This {Read More…}



  Have you driven by a school playground lately? I love playgrounds. I love playgrounds where children are playing.  Often times you can almost always spot at least one child climbing on the fence and another peeking through the fence. A friend of mine says he is sorry for kids on the playground who have {Read More…}


water gun

Brrrrrrr I don’t know about you, but it is COLD where I live. There are places that are colder. Watch this… water gun In this video the water gun was said to be filled with boiling water.  When the gun was shot, the boiling water turned into snow.  Crazy!!! Not only does it look like {Read More…}

Who Does God Say I Am


  Discouragement is like rain in the winter time. We wear overwhelm like a cozy sweater and our self worth is like a scarf that is taken on and off. Our identity is often found in what others say or don’t say about us. Dealing with people can be challenging and quite difficult.  Dealing with {Read More…}

Tips to Recovering from Burnout


  Did you take the test to discover if you are experiencing burnout? (If not go to my previous blog –  Get out of Burnout) Recovering from burnout is just as important recognizing the symptoms of it. What do we do when we or our employees are experiencing burnout? Here are a few tips: visiting {Read More…}



I loved a slinky when I was a kid.  Seriously….I did. The slinky bends and bounces.   Over and over we could toss the slinky down the stairs and it would bend and stretch.  The slinky even made a cool noise.  The slinky works well when it is flexible. What is flexibility? Flexibility is being {Read More…}