4 Pillars to the Traditions of Excellence


  Have you ever wondered how or why Disney is as successful as it is? All Disney employees are introduced to the company through orientation called “Traditions” where they learn four simple guidelines: Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency These “FOUR PILLARS” are how Disney employees are taught to make their decisions; and if you ask, they {Read More…}



Is it time to BE a Leader? Leadership is not a name tag we put on or take off whenever we like. Leadership is not a position we someday achieve. Leadership is about actively creating positive change.  Leadership is when we intentionally align our own core values with the vision of others.  Leadership is communicated {Read More…}

Boundaries in Life and in Business


  Boundaries….Boundaries… Boundaries. What is all this talk about BOUNDARIES? A boundary is defined as something that indicates bounds or limits.  Boundary is also defined as a limiting or  bounding line. There are physical boundaries.  Physical boundaries that are seen and felt. There are also emotional boundaries. These boundaries are not always seen but can be felt. Boundaries affect {Read More…}

No Soup For You and Your Ideal Customer

DSCF6688 (1)

No Soup for You! In July of 1989 a new sitcom premiered on NBC that changed the precedent for television sitcoms. Of course I mean Seinfeld – affectionately referred to as “the show about nothing.” What does this have to do with your business? If you were a Seinfeld loyal, think back to one of {Read More…}

Mid-Year Check-in

check up 3

It’s time to do a mid-year to check-in! How are things going? Have you met your goals this year? As a business owner, it is a great time for a check up.  It is time to look at your goals.  Acknowledge wins and adjust efforts to goals not reached yet. What are your areas of {Read More…}

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Do you have the disease of SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA? What is the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” disease? These words are the shorten and southern replacement for ” Should have”, “Could have”, and “Would have.” This is the disease that creeps into your thinking and often your to-do list with things like… ” I shoulda made that {Read More…}

10 Phrases Incompetent Leaders Say


  I recently read a leadership blog by Dan Rockwell where he shares information about incompetent leaders and what they say. Trying is not failure. Persistent mistakes over and over in the same area means we are not learning from our mistakes.  Choosing to not learn from our mistakes is failure. Here are 10 phrases {Read More…}

My Redeemer Lives

Happy Easter!!! God gave HIS ultimate gift for you and for me. My Redeemer Lives


  Has the world beat you up? Do you need to know what you are fighting for? Do you need to stay in the ring? This is for you….   You are an overcomer. You can stay in the ring. What you do matters. How can I pray for you??

Who do you love?

painted heart

  Who do you love? Do you love… your furry cat your big dog your sweet spouse your snotty nose kids your warm pjs your mom and dad your office assistant the guy at starbucks your group of friends Seriously, go ahead and answer that question for you. ” I love ______________________” I want to {Read More…}