Are Vision Boards a waste of time?


There are a lot of opinions around Vision Boards. Some people feel like vision boards are a total waste of time and they do not work. Some people claim they are inspirational and help them focus on the goals before them. I personal love Vision Boards. Not because they are magical or align the universe to us, {Read More…}

Why Coaching Matters

coaching matters

Why does coaching matter? I constantly get asked “What is a life coach”? People are curious about what I do and how I do it. I usually ask a series of questions to them first. Questions like: Have you ever wanted to do something and did not know where to start Have you ever started something, {Read More…}



What a fun number!!! What does it mean? Is it how many baths I took this year? How many french fries I ate? Is it the number of times I told my three kids to brush their teeth? Is that the amount of my property taxes last year? How much money is in my bank {Read More…}

Share Your Customer Service Tips- Tip Tuesday

tip tuesday

Welcome to customer service TIP TUESDAY!! This blog is dedicated to sharing TIPS with you about all things related to customer service. As a special treat I want you to share your TIP with me that you would think improve the way businesses care for their customers. What customer service tips do you have up {Read More…}

Teambuilding Activities

Business team work building a puzzle. Buuilding business concept.

Want some TEAMBUILDING activities to do with your team that will not break the bank or slow down productivity? Team can be anyone you work with to accomplish a specific goal. Try these when you want a different idea to build community with your team.   1. Attend a workshop together ( chamber, BNI, etc) {Read More…}

Are you performing at your best?

performing at your best

What does it mean to perform at your best? First you must understand the difference between what is good, what is better and what is best? Performing at your best can be described using words like… most excellent effective quality greatest top leading supreme ideal perfect outstanding desirable choice prime How do you describe what {Read More…}

7 Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service


How would you like to follow 7 simple strategies for exceptional customer service. These strategies were created by Shep Hyken and are discussed in almost every book he writes about customer service. I want to share these quick strategies with you so you can see how they fit in your business. Walking the Walk – {Read More…}

Tip Tuesday: Leading The Masses


How do you lead the masses? People are important and people matter. People are vital to the success of ANY organization regardless of industry.  Sometimes as an organization grows it becomes more difficult to lead the masses of people specifically without the default of grouping them as a mass. I was recently introduced and invited {Read More…}

Young Leaders


Are you hiring young people?           I meet a lot of business owners and managers who hire young people to work in their business.   They often complain about the lack of maturity they possess and the “laziness” factor.  Managers also complain of the high percentage of “calling out” of work. When asked for {Read More…}

Customer Service is about People

good people

                Good customer service starts with good people. Great customer service starts with good people who are trained to do the basics well. In my book, Serve Big, we dive into the basics of customer service like attitude, consistence, first impressions, and courtesy. ( We can train people to {Read More…}