Teambuilding Tips


    Do you have a team?   How do you motivate your team to work?   What can you do to get them out of passive mode into driven mode?   The first thing you must to do is see yourself as a competent leader. ( yes you!!)  Leaders will inspire followers.  Leaders must {Read More…}

14 Ways to Start Building Credibility


  Building credibility is important to your business today and tomorrow. Credibility helps attract loyal clients and raving fan customers to you.  These customers not only stay with you, they become ambassadors for your work. How can you build credibility? Here are 14 ways you can begin to build credibility for your business. 1.  Build Character. Confidently {Read More…}

Productivity Tips


  I love finding ways to do things quicker, easier, and faster. One of the ways I have found to be more productive is to reduce information overload. Here are some tips I have found  to reduce information overload: Stop telemarketing calls on your home and cell phone: Reduce unwanted mail: Reduce unsolicited {Read More…}



  Have you driven by a school playground lately? I love playgrounds. I love playgrounds where children are playing.  Often times you can almost always spot at least one child climbing on the fence and another peeking through the fence. A friend of mine says he is sorry for kids on the playground who have {Read More…}

Routine Fun

fun feet

  What are you doing fun today? We do so many routine activities. Filing paperwork. Sending emails. Going to the post office. Watch this… FUN I would have loved to have been on the elevator!! What about you? How can you make your ” routine” activities more fun? How can you make your customers “routine” {Read More…}

We have a GIFT!!


  We love our customers and our soon to be customers!!!! We want to share some love with you too  in honor of Valentine’s Day!!  We know how hard you work and how sometimes you just need to know someone is with you.  We want  you to know we are here to support you in {Read More…}

Who Does God Say I Am


  Discouragement is like rain in the winter time. We wear overwhelm like a cozy sweater and our self worth is like a scarf that is taken on and off. Our identity is often found in what others say or don’t say about us. Dealing with people can be challenging and quite difficult.  Dealing with {Read More…}

All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas

  Christmas is almost here. Are you attending Christmas parties? Making cookies? Singing in cantatas? Going to Christmas plays? Watch this… All I want for Christmas Love that song!! What do you want for Christmas? Do you know what I want? All I want for Christmas is for you to love your employees and customers {Read More…}

Here is my Business Card!

business card

    How do you build rapport? Do you talk about the weather? Do you talk about your favorite sports team and all the stats? Do you babble mindlessly in hopes to fill the silence and wait for someone to ask you what you do? Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when someone hands {Read More…}

Tips to Recovering from Burnout


  Did you take the test to discover if you are experiencing burnout? (If not go to my previous blog –  Get out of Burnout) Recovering from burnout is just as important recognizing the symptoms of it. What do we do when we or our employees are experiencing burnout? Here are a few tips: visiting {Read More…}