Multitasking Myth


Multitasking is a myth. Yep… I bought that lie too. Multitasking is a myth. Studies have clearly shown that people cannot actually do two things at once.  ( like driving a car and putting on make-up )People are just quickly switching between task one and task two. This activity of switching dilutes focus and slows people {Read More…}

Are you carrying too much baggage?


Have you ever seen a traveler in the airport with too many suitcases? Have you ever watched a group of ladies get out of a cab with all their belongings as they proceed to walk into a hotel? Have you every seen a college freshman move into a dorm for the first time? It is {Read More…}

14 Tips to Increase Your Likability Factor By Friday


  It is a proven fact that people like doing business with people they like. People like to hang out with people they like. So how can we improve our likability factor by Friday? We can increase our likability by: Being authentic Finding something in common Using humor Being vulnerable Showing humanity Being courteous Showing {Read More…}

75 Tips, Facts and Stats About Customer Service by Help Scout


Love Customer Service Tips, Facts and Stats? Then you will love this book “75 Tips, Facts and Stats About Customer Service”. I love reading customer service books, blogs, and Stats. I love it when a company is able to get the BIG yet simple idea of serving people because people matter.  I get my “happy {Read More…}

Are you doubting God Provides?

question mark

    Are you doubting that God can provide for you? Provide the resources to meet your family needs? Provide the revenue or help your business needs to keep her doors open? Provide the peace you need to make it through another day? Provide enough money to pay that insurance premium and make that car payment? {Read More…}

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day!!! Our pastor today shared a great message for Fathers everywhere.  It was actually great for moms, students, singles, married people in whatever season of life. I love how relevant the Holy Bible always is. Our pastor shared from James 4:13-15. He talked about how our lives are like a mist.  Here today {Read More…}

Young Leaders


Are you hiring young people?           I meet a lot of business owners and managers who hire young people to work in their business.   They often complain about the lack of maturity they possess and the “laziness” factor.  Managers also complain of the high percentage of “calling out” of work. When asked for {Read More…}

How do you handle FEAR?


          How do you handle FEAR? What makes you afraid? My top three fears are LICE, fear of failure and fear of being forgotten. My strong dislike and fear of lice came from years of working in children’s ministry and with wards of the state.  Lice is very contagious and they {Read More…}



  Are you a grateful person? Do you practice gratitude on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Bill Baren recently shared a story about playing cards.  He loves poker and plays poker every chance he gets.  He even goes to Vegas every year to play in the Poker World Series.  He speaks about it as if it is a {Read More…}

Productivity Tips


  I love finding ways to do things quicker, easier, and faster. One of the ways I have found to be more productive is to reduce information overload. Here are some tips I have found  to reduce information overload: Stop telemarketing calls on your home and cell phone: Reduce unwanted mail: Reduce unsolicited {Read More…}