Christians are not immune from Conflict

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Christians are not immune from conflict, but oh how I wish we were.

If we are in relationships with other people, you and I will have conflict.

The good news is there is a good way to handle conflict.

The bad news is most people do not handle it well.

The Bible says in Matthew 5:24 that it is our job… our calling to “go and be reconciled.”

Resolving conflict is not spinning a wheel and doing whatever it says.

Fight with my neighbor- (spin the wheel) needle lands on avoidance

Issue with a school administrator – ( spin the wheel) confront

Conflict with husband – (spin the wheel) compromise

Relationship issue with a staff member – ( spin the wheel ) accommodate

Spinning a wheel will not help us resolve conflict.

Unresolved conflict ROBS you and I of the joy of being in relationship.

What can we do when we find ourselves in conflict?


Pray for humility. Pray for wisdom. Pray for direction. Pray for discernment.


Prepare our words and make sure our words are true and not fueled by greed or pride.

Prepare what you want to say and right it out.  Make sure it is true and not exaggerated.

Prepare by practicing.

Some great tips from Focus on the Family ( ) on resolving conflict are:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Stick to the issue
  3. pursue purity of heart
  4. plan a time for discussion
  5. affirm relationship
  6. listen carefully
  7. forgive
  8. propose a solution

The worse thing we can do is make a decision without feedback of the other person and force someone else to have to live with that decision.  ( then ask God to bless that decision)

If we choose to honor other people, I believe God will help each party to come to an agreement that keeps the relationship in tack.  In some cases, that agreement might be agreeing to disagree.

How do you believe Christians should handle conflict?

Do you have additional tips to share?

Would love to hear your feedback.



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