Why Coaching Matters

coaching matters

Why does coaching matter?

I constantly get asked “What is a life coach”?

People are curious about what I do and how I do it.

I usually ask a series of questions to them first.

Questions like:

Have you ever wanted to do something and did not know where to start

Have you ever started something, but did not see it through to completion?

Have you ever started something, finished it, but was unhappy with the results?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, you know the frustrations of starting, stopping, and disappointment of dreams unfulfilled.

Coaching helps us start.

Coaching helps us create a plan.

Coaching helps us see that plan to completion.

Coaching makes a difference.

Coaching has made a HUGE difference in my life.

Coaching makes a TREMENDOUS IMPACT in the lives of men and women everyday.

Coaching matters because we all need support.

The amount of support may differ.

The type of support may differ.

The way the support looks is different for each person.

Laurie Beth Jones describes the cry of the human heart in her book, Jesus Life Coach.

“Significance is more important than success.

Stories are more important than strategies.

Experiences are more important than rule books.

People are more important than institutions.

Soaring with strengths is greater than problem solving.”

Coaching matters because we want to matter…beyond success.

Coaching matters because experiences change us… for the good or bad.

Coaching matters because God has given us all unique gifts that help us  see JESUS and met him everyday.

Coaching matters because people matter.

Our church pastor has a saying, ” Every number has a name.  Every name has a story.  Every story matters to God.”

It is true.

Could coaching make a difference in your life?

Could coaching make a difference in your team at work?

Could coaching make a difference in your business?

Coaching is an experience that changes us…for the better to live more significant lives in an intentional way.

Are you ready to say “YES” to you?

Contact me for a free consultation and let’s see if coaching can make a difference for you.





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