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Good customer service starts with good people.

Great customer service starts with good people who are trained to do the basics well.

In my book, Serve Big, we dive into the basics of customer service like attitude, consistence, first impressions, and courtesy. (

We can train people to follow procedures..  We can set high expectations around having a positive attitude. We can lead by example and communicate with our customers and employees with respect.

BUT if  we do not HIRE the right people to start with, we will not benefit from the training we give them.

There is no way the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the people who provide it.

Companies often think they can:

  • Pay the lowest  wages to their front line people
  • Offer no or little benefits
  • Offer no or limited training
  • Provide poor leadership

and their people will deliver great customer service and be loyal to the company.

Companies dont provide good customer service, people do.

The people we hire represent our company, are the first face of our company, set the first impression, control the customer experience and add/subtract from our business.

Ponder these questions:

Do you have good systems in place for hiring the right people?

Do you know what personalities work best in the positions that are available?

How do you celebrate finding the right people and appreciate them?

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