Do You Tell the TRUTH?


Do you tell the TRUTH?

I have been in a season of “STUCKNESS”.  I know that is probably not the right word to use or correct use of the word ( because it has the red squiggly line under it) however it is what I am mean.


Denise’s definition of STUCKNESS is to be stuck in a state of unknown with limited options to explore .

I am currently stuck in a couple of different areas.

My oldest child will walk on an HIGH SCHOOL campus next Monday as a freshman. (gulp)


My business is growing and changing, requiring new skills and more opportunities to grow. ( gulp)


Our family dynamics are changing and I my roles as a wife and mom are changing as well. ( gulp)


GROWTH is good.

I just wish it was less painful.  ( Do you know what I am saying?)

I am a planner and the unknown is hard to plan around.  However… when I see this…

unknown + unknown + unknown

I want to take a nap.

I want to eat chocolate ice cream with cherries on top.

I want to crawl into to bed and binge watch Netflix.

Unknown times three or four or five KILLS my drive and clouds my focus.

I  was recently challenged to read John 8: 31-32.

“If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples.

Then you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free.”

So, what if I told the TRUTH in my stuckness?

What if I spoke truth over my circumstances?

What if I stated what was TRUE instead of trying to ignore or process it in my head?

What if I asked a question instead of creating a fearful statement?

For example….

What is true about my oldest son entering High School?

What is true about my business?

What is true about my family in this season that makes me feel stuck?

What if I took time to explore the answers….really explore the answers.  What would happen?

What about you …are you willing to tell the TRUTH too?

If the TRUTH will set you and I FREE… what is the truth you need today?

What is your biggest challenge?

What do you need to admit to yourself?

How has not facing this TRUTH kept you from moving forward.


This is my prayer today.


Help me today to choose to be a TRUTH TELLER and rise above STUCKNESS.  Help me face the TRUTH and not ignore it.  Nudge me. Bother me. Convict me. Mess with me.  Love me through to courage.   Empower me to take action in the areas you are calling me to be BOLD.  May I always be dependent on YOU instead of me. Help me find peace in your presence today. Help me tell the TRUTH about where I am and help me take the next step to where you want me to be.  I trust you and I am willing to fight for the freedom you have for me.  Amen



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