Expectations, Traditions and the Seven Dwarfs

seven dwarfs


The Seven Dwarfs.

In my studies, I have learned a LOT about Disney. So every now and then I will go on a Disney-streak where I will write a LOT about Disney!

We have been talking about service a lot because I believe that good service is the only way to build relationships with your customers and, furthermore, to create strong customer retention. So we are going to discuss it some more!

Before Disney came up with the Four Pillars, they had Seven Service Guidelines modeled after the Seven Dwarfs:

  1. Be Happy – make eye contact and smile
  2. Be like Sneezy – greet/welcome everyone…spread HOSPITALITY!
  3. DON’T be Bashful – seek out guest contact
  4. Be like Doc – provide immediate service recovery
  5. DON’T be Grumpy – display appropriate body language at all times
  6. Be like Sleepy – create DREAMS and preserve “magical” experiences
  7. DON’T BE DOPEY – thank every guest

Though these do seem to be mostly aimed towards front-line workers at a theme park, these guidelines can be applied anywhere and everywhere with every level of employee, manager, and executive.

Like I’ve said before, POSITIVITY can make a huge difference in every aspect of your company (and in your life). Smiling, being hospitable, and seeking ways to improve your customers’ experience will automatically put you a step ahead of your competitors. Going above and beyond to EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS will work wonders.

Guest Blog by Raine Templeton-Bradley

DSCF6688 (1)Raine is from Greenwood, SC and is entering her senior year at Clemson University where she is majoring in Travel and Tourism in the department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. Raine will graduate in August of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism and with minors in both Business and English. She is a deacon and worship leader at her church in Clemson and a leader in her housechurch. Raine has had intern experiences in nonprofits, development corporations, retirement homes, and retail. With an entrepreneurial mother that owns her own corporation, Raine has seen first-hand what it takes for someone to own and run a successful business, through the thick and thin. With the aspiration of becoming a travel writer and a love of helping others, Raine is excited to blog with and for her life-long friend Denise and is looking forward to hearing what Denise’s clients have to say!

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