Listen Up – 8 Tips for Active Listening



Listen up…

( well you are actually reading )

If you have followed me on social media, read my blogs, or heard me speak, you know that I am a HUGE advocate of active listening.


Listening is so important in our relationships. All of our relationships.  Personal relationships. Family relationships. Business relationships.

I was recently in a conversation with a young man about karate lessons for my son. In our 25 minutes on the phone, he interrupted me in mid-conversation 13 times to tell me something.  I (potential customer) was trying to tell him (service provider) what I was looking for and what I thought my son needed.

This young man heard a few words and instantly wanted to tell me why he was the perfect choice.

I get the enthusiasm. I understand the need to speak before the thought is gone.

However, I was so frustrated by our conversation.  I did not feel heard and therefore I was unsure if he could provide the services needed.  I am sure he was perfectly capable of doing what he said he could do.  My respect for him was lost in our conversation.  If he would not listen to me, how was he going to listen to my son.

Here are a 8 tips to active listening on the phone:

  1. Have pen and paper ready
  2. Stay focused on what the caller is saying
  3. Listen for the emotion in their voice and does it match what they are saying
  4. Listen effectively by not interrupting.
  5. Wait for the caller finish talking before you speak
  6. Ask questions for understanding or clarification
  7. Restate key facts
  8. Ask caller to repeat when necessary

If we want more referrals… we MUST listen to our potential customers.

If we want more respect from our team mates… we MUST listen to their ideas.

If we want more revenue in our business… we MUST listen to the people who can help us.

If we want to retain the customers and add their friends in our business… we MUST listen to their feedback.

What is your favorite tip to listen well to the people around you?

Thanks for sharing.


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