Mid-Year Check-in

check up 3

It’s time to do a mid-year to check-in!

How are things going?

Have you met your goals this year?

As a business owner, it is a great time for a check up.  It is time to look at your goals.  Acknowledge wins and adjust efforts to goals not reached yet.

What are your areas of improvement?

As business owners, we must know what is working and not working.  We can take time to see what is preventing us from reaching our goals and make adjustments. ( new marketing campaign, email blitz, etc)

What is your WIN?

As business owners, we also get to track what is working well too.  Now is the time to collect those success stories, keep the ball rolling in the right direction, and see how to make improvements on what is working.

Update/ Ditch / Adjust

Now is also the time to access our goals and see if they still make sense.  Some goals need to be updated.  Some goals need to be ditched if they are no longer relevant or meet the direction we are headed.  Some things may need adjustments.  Now is the time to tweak goals so we finish well.


Accountability helps us reach our goals faster.  For a lot of business owners it is easy to write down goals and then forget about what they have written down.

A mid-year check-in can be a very useful tool.

What do you need most to finish this year well?

What is standing in the way of your success?

What is your biggest challenge right now?

If you need help with revisiting your goals or making a few tweeks to meet your income, professional or personal goals…contact me for a complimentary consultation to see what is the best approach for you.




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