My WORD for the Year



What is my word for the year?

Every year lots of people pledge to lose weight, save money, do better, be happier, etc.

Every year lots of people gain weight, go deeper in debt and find themselves discouraged and unhappy.

How do we begin to break this cycle?

How do we make lasting in change?

How do we make lasting change that lasts beyond St. Patrick’s Day?

I challenge to clients I serve to think about what they want.  Then we take that list and see if there is a theme around the things they want.  From there we choose a couple of phrases that support what they want.  Then we pick a word to focus on.

So, what is my word for 201 7?



My word for this year is to simplify.

I want to simplify my environment.  (Ex. My friend Cindy and I are getting rid of one thing every day)

I want to simplify my time and my schedule. ( Ex. Say no to social obligations and yes to lunch with friends)

I want to simplify my systems that I use that support my family and my business. (Ex. set up bank accounts for my teenage sons and then set up  allowances to be direct deposited into their accounts. Much cheaper than allowance manager)

I want to simplify my food choices and my meal planning. ( Ex. Each member of our family picks a meal they want me to fix and then they help me prepare it)

Why do I want to do this?

At the end of 2017, I want my environment to be more peaceful, my interactions more meaningful, my time be more intentionally spent, and be able to say YES to the activities that energize me. And yes… I want there to be LESS of me to carry around.

I have a special group set up people who wish to join this simplify movement, so let me know if you want an invitation.

So, do you have a WORD that will focus your attention this year?

Please share it with me.

If you have not picked a word for this year yet, reach out to me and grab a complementary session so we can explore it together.


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