Ever feel like you are not ENOUGH?

little girl


Have you ever felt like you are not enough?

I sure have.

Sometimes even daily.

Facing hard situations or unknown circumstances often make me feel like I am not enough.

I recently watched Holly Furtick speak about being a girl.  Just a girl.

Here it is, take a moment to watch it.

I’m Just A Girl

Loved her perspective.

Appreciated her challenge to all of us to stop worrying about being enough.

We get to crush the idea about being enough by:

  • asking better questions
  • focus on who we are in Christ
  • go back to the last thing God told us to do and be obedient
  • stop comparing ourselves with others

What insights did you receive from watching Holly share her heart?

How do you avoid the comparison trap or overcome feelings of not being enough?

Can not wait to hear your feedback.

Oh and let me know if you want our printable for Who we are in Christ.




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