Proverbs and Peace


Sitting in a small Southern Baptist Church many years ago, I was told I should read the Bible everyday.

I understood the “should” but had no idea where to start.

So, I started at the beginning.  You know… Genesis.

Reading through the story of creation was interesting, but by the time I got to all the rules of Exodus, I was kind of done.

I learned to pick out verses that meant something to me in a season or helped me state my point in the midst of conflict.

(Yes… I may have used the Bible to fight on my behalf and may have taken it out of context before.)

In my twenties, I met an older man who was informally talking about 6 or 7 of us during a break at a facilitator’s training.

He shared with us that he reads a proverbs a day.  ( I thought that sounded spiritual)

Then he shared that the Bible has 31 Chapters of Proverbs.  Most months have 30 or 31 days.

That is why it worked out so well.

I was impressed.

Since then I have attempted to read a Proverbs a day.

I read a few days then get distracted.

I have read a couple of weeks and then fall off of my discipline.

Read all 31 Chapters of Proverbs to so I could say I did it.

At 43 yrs old, I have yet to complete an entire month of reading Proverbs all the way through on the correct day.

(Ex. On Feb 1st read Proverbs 1)

But I keep trying.

Why do I keep trying?

God is pleased by my effort not my performance.

I am amazed at the timely wisdom that comes from reading Proverbs.

I am also amazed at the peace I receive from being in God’s Word.

Want to join me in reading a Proverbs a Day?

Start today on whatever day you are reading this.

If it is the 20th of the month, read Proverbs 20.

Let me challenge you to read a Proverbs a day.  I find a renewed peace by reading a Proverb a day.

If you make it all month, let me know. I would love to celebrate with you.

Have a peaceful day!!!

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