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“At first, I was scared to call Denise. I was unsure of what she going to think of me. I was unsure about sharing personal and intimate information with someone I did not know. Denise was very sweet and kind. She was very approachable and easy to talk to. Working with Denise far exceeded my expectations.” ~Tracey P Columbia, SC

“I normally spend most of my time putting out fires and handling urgent stuff. I would constantly get distracted from my work because I was working on other things. I would bring work home and attempt to get ahead. I friend referred me to Denise and I am so glad she did. Working with Denise has changed my business!! Denise helped me see the value of my time and helped me teach other people to value my time too. She listened to me. She held me accountable to my goals and helped me create a 30 day and 60 day plan to make it happen. I work differently now and get more done in less time. I wish I met Denise a long time ago. I hate to think what not having this kind of support has cost me.” ~Ellen T Orlando, FL

“I think differently, I feel validated and I am a different person because Denise chose to invest in me” ~Kennedy J Washington DC

“In one call with Denise I was inspired to simply BE Me in business and it has been so freeing! My time with Denise helped me to narrow my target market even more, create a plan that is working, and find my sweet spot in business. She is full of wonderful marketing tidbits and she ties it right in with life which I LOVE! My business is breathing new air as a result of working with Denise.” ~LaTara V.