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I have put together a 12 week SERVE BIG INTENSIVE and I would like to INVITE you to participate.. You know me… and you know relationships matter to me. I value relationships and love helping small business owners ROCK their businesses. I believe in serving people well and I want to help you do that as well.

We PILOTED this program and we have had some AH-MAZING results!!!  Here are what some of our members have said about this program…

” I never knew that focusing on the basics would bring a greater return on my investment.  What I learned in the first three weeks was worth the entire price of the course.”  – Jenn P  – AL

” I am soooo glad I learned a fun way of meeting people and positioning myself in front of my ideal market so they could say YES quicker.  Very thankful for Denise and her enthusiasm and motivation to get me going in the right direction.” – Wanda G – SC

” Before this Intensive I was struggling to make sales, gain referrals and let’s not even talk about cash flow issues.  I am happy to report I have a daily action plan that generates more people to talk to, invite into my business and last month I made more than I have in years. Now I am prepared to continue to grow and have a growth plan in place to serve my customers well.” – Monica R. – GA

” WOW. WOW. WOW. I hate to admit I was not taking good care of my customers. I thought I was doing a great job. But I was not. Now my business is serving my customers. I even heard a customer last week tell me they have seen a difference in our service team and it was good.” Fred K – NC


We will be tackling:

image 1

This program will include:

                             Serve Big Book by Denise Mock and Serve Big System ( valued at $997) – workbook, exercises, templates, printables, etc

                                                                Marketing System (valued at $897) – includes templates, implement today activities, etc

                                                                       Customized training manual to use with your team or future team ( priceless)




This program will include support services like:

image 3

There is a MONEY investment and a TIME commitment. Both are precious to women entrepreneurs growing businesses.

If you paid individually for these programs and services, it would cost you over $3000 and who knows how long in hours of research/training. This customized SERVE BIG INTENSIVE program will not cost you $3000. Our SERVE BIG INTENSIVE program will not cost you $2000. Our SERVE BIG INTENSIVE program will not even cost you $1500. But since our pilot group went so well and we want to keep our prices affordable for everyone… our  SERVE BIG INTENSIVE is only $997. (Yes… You and I both know you have paid way more for programs and nothing substantial in return)

If you sign up before Feb 21st, I will throw in TWO GET STARTED TODAY Sessions to celebrate your commitment to your success and you can use them at any time between now and March 1st.(valued at $300)

Click here to make a one time payment of $997

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or you can make 4 payments of only $275

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If you get started today, you will receive the additional TWO GET STARTED TODAY SESSIONS mentioned earlier plus:

A copy of Michael Port’s book “Book Yourself Solid” and a 3 month subscription for Send Out Cards.



send out cards



You know that I care about people and I want to help you grow your business by serving people well. Serving people well can net you profit of at least 20%-50% or more. It is only once a week for 12 weeks. You can work on your business while working in your business.  You can see the tangible difference it makes while putting these simple simple systems in place.

And the more important question for you to consider is ….What are not having these systems in place costing you?

Lets get started!!!!


Click here to make a one time payment of $997

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or you can make 4 payments of only $275

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