What a fun number!!!

What does it mean?

Is it how many baths I took this year?

How many french fries I ate?

Is it the number of times I told my three kids to brush their teeth?

Is that the amount of my property taxes last year?

How much money is in my bank account?

How many brown M&Ms I ate?

The number of times I carpooled?

The last place I pumped gas or got a slurpee?

What does 711 mean?

711 is the number of coaching sessions I had last year.


711 may look like just a number to you.

To me, 711 represents:

  • hope restored
  • prayers prayed
  • lives changed
  • serving customers well
  • new perspectives
  • believing truth over lives
  • discovering purpose and living it out
  • communicating better
  • building better relationships
  • customer service audits
  • learning to deal with difficult people
  • learning how to WOW customers
  • building systems to get more referrals
  • customer service BASICS
  • developing systems to serve employees better
  • beating cancer
  • hurdling transitions
  • overcoming fear and limitations
  • Working in our brilliant zone
  • marketing that is fun
  • retaining the clients we love
  • setting up filters so we only work with the people we love
  • managing our time
  • working with efficiency
  • implementing visions
  • dreaming bigger
  • processing perceived failures
  • celebrating every step foward
  • developing strategies to meet quotas
  • celebrating CRUSHED quotas
  • moving beyond our comfort zone
  • Building confidence
  • creating our list of 90
  • cultivating target markets
  • Creating vision builds that work
  • organizing thoughts
  • Trusting our business to God
  • setting boundaries
  • leadership
  • training
  • core values alignment
  • letting go of good to pursue great
  • defining our purple cow
  • communicating with our star clients
  • setting ourself a part
  • speaking truth over lies
  • hurdling doubt
  • AHA
  • serving big
  • making more money
  • increasing awareness of what is possible

The list continues….

I am so thankful for the people I met, the amazing clients I had to pleasure of coaching, and for all the people who chose to trust me with their business.

Will coaching make a difference for you this year?

Grab a celebration session today for only $71.01 in honor of MY completing 711 hours of coaching last year.

This could be your year.

Lets get started.

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