Shoulda Coulda Woulda


Do you have the disease of SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA?

What is the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” disease?

These words are the shorten and southern replacement for ” Should have”, “Could have”, and “Would have.”

This is the disease that creeps into your thinking and often your to-do list with things like…

” I shoulda made that call yesterday.”

” I coulda done __________if only I had the same opportunities.”

” I woulda done ________ if only someone had told me.”

Often these thoughts are followed by “….if only”

Many times these words are said with regret and disappointment.

My professor told us a long time ago not to “should” on ourselves.

(That nugget was probably worth the four years I spent in college to learn)

In fact, yesterday I was helping a lady with some time management stuff and the word that most often came out of her mouth was ” should.”

  • I should do _____
  • I probably should not do ______
  • I should write _____
  • I should _______ at least once a day.
  • What should I do?

What would happen if we totally dropped “SHOULD” from our vocabulary?

Is there really a need for this word or the other friends “could” or “would”?

What might happen if for today we made a choice to drop SHOULD from our vocabulary?

What would happen if we drop “SHOULD” from our vocabulary for the next 30 days?

Yep….30 days.  What would happen?

Wanna try it?

If you want to track it, grab Jon Acuff’s DO Summer ( ) Check off sheet and you can mark off every day you make the choice not to should on yourself.

It is time to love yourself.

Let’s get started!





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