Is it time to BE a Leader? Leadership is not a name tag we put on or take off whenever we like. Leadership is not a position we someday achieve. Leadership is about actively creating positive change.  Leadership is when we intentionally align our own core values with the vision of others.  Leadership is communicated {Read More…}

Boundaries in Life and in Business


  Boundaries….Boundaries… Boundaries. What is all this talk about BOUNDARIES? A boundary is defined as something that indicates bounds or limits.  Boundary is also defined as a limiting or  bounding line. There are physical boundaries.  Physical boundaries that are seen and felt. There are also emotional boundaries. These boundaries are not always seen but can be felt. Boundaries affect {Read More…}

Who Needs Boundaries?


Gosh… I seem to be talking about boundaries all the time in this season of my life and business. Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend have written several books about Boundaries.  Boundaries in Marriage. Boundaries with kids. Boundaries with Leaders. Who needs boundaries? Workers who can not stand up for themselves. Mentors who are bullies. Secretaries who {Read More…}



  Have you driven by a school playground lately? I love playgrounds. I love playgrounds where children are playing.  Often times you can almost always spot at least one child climbing on the fence and another peeking through the fence. A friend of mine says he is sorry for kids on the playground who have {Read More…}