Ever feel like you are not ENOUGH?

little girl

  Have you ever felt like you are not enough? I sure have. Sometimes even daily. Facing hard situations or unknown circumstances often make me feel like I am not enough. I recently watched Holly Furtick speak about being a girl.  Just a girl. Here it is, take a moment to watch it. Loved her {Read More…}

Service + Confidence = Customer Trust

confidence 2

What does confidence have to do with Customer Service? I was recently working with a client who was passionate about her product and service she provided in her business. She knew all the ends and outs of her product and was proud of the service she provided to her customers. The problem was starting or {Read More…}

Building Confidence Today


How do we build confidence when we are awkwardly aware of our lack of confidence? Our solution is not found in making ourselves less awkward, but taking stock of what we want instead. Answering the question …” I want _________.” That blank could be: chocolate ice cream new curtains a new car fun shoes sleep {Read More…}