Teambuilding Activities

Business team work building a puzzle. Buuilding business concept.Want some TEAMBUILDING activities to do with your team that will not break the bank or slow down productivity?

Team can be anyone you work with to accomplish a specific goal.

Try these when you want a different idea to build community with your team.


1. Attend a workshop together ( chamber, BNI, etc)
2. Read a book together and have person lead discussion on a chapter
3. Plan an activity that involves significant others or other family members.
4. Do a health challenge together. ( ex. sit -up challenge or 5K)
5. Trade jobs for a day or Job shadow day in a different dept
6. Say thank you in your unique way ( cards, in person, phone call, etc)
7. Provide group coaching or mentoring ( around challenging areas like time management, accountability, goal setting, etc)
8. Do a lunch and learn about a particular topic of interest to the group
9. Plan something fun as a group (snow ball fight, progressive dinner, etc)
10. Celebrate accomplishments
11. Partner with a non-profit and support them as a group (food bank, cancer society, etc)
12. Show support for other people on team by helping them in some way
13. Celebrate holidays together, staff anniversaries, birthdays, etc
14. Create an area for collaboration (physical and mental space)
15. Brainstorm and brain dump ideas for your business.
Do you have some other activities that will work for you and your team?

How do you build community with your team?

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