Tip Tuesday: Leading The Masses

leadership3How do you lead the masses?

People are important and people matter.

People are vital to the success of ANY organization regardless of industry.  Sometimes as an organization grows it becomes more difficult to lead the masses of people specifically without the default of grouping them as a mass.

I was recently introduced and invited to participate in an organization that supports women in business.  We will call this organization “XYZ Org”. I have read about all the great things this XYZ Org does in the community. I have seen their “stats” for involvement and all the events they host each month.  XYZ Org looks amazing on the outside.

So, I decided to call and ask about membership.  The automative system sent me to a voicemail. I left a message with my name and phone number.

I waited about three weeks and called XYZ Org back and left another message.

One afternoon, my phone rang and it was the director of this organization.  I thought she was calling me back.  She actually got my name and number confused with another person.  She called me by another name and started talking to me as though I was someone else with another company.

I politely informed her that I was not the person she thought she was talking to.  She then said, ” why am I calling you?”

We had a pleasant conversation after she realized who she was talking to and addressed my original question.

We are all busy and we all make mistakes.

XYZ Org may have great intentions to deliver good customer service to their mass membership.  XYZ Org may do some amazing things as they lead the masses of their community.

However, my first impression with this organization was positive.  My first impression of the leader of this organization was not positive.

This organization could improve their customer service by:

returning calls in a timely manner

preparing for the calls before they make them

choosing to create a plan to deliver a consistent experience and improve the gap first impressions

have a plan to build relationships with people who might be interested in joining the organization

When leading the masses we have to have a system to customize it or make our interactions more personal.  Our touches have to be positive and sincere when we get the opportunity to make them.

Every member, client and customer wants a personal touch that feels customized to them, whereas the most cost-effective service delivery is “one size fits all.”

No organization can survive by treating their members, clients or customers as an homogenous mass.

When we choose to lead our organizations well, we will be intentional with our leadership.

We will lead our individuals well.

We will lead our managers well.

We will lead our teams well.

We will lead our masses well in our organization and we will become leaders in our communities.

Do you have a customer service plan that grows as you grow your business?

What are you currently doing to make sure that you lead your organization well?

Would love to hear your thoughts and tips?






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